피쉬콜라겐 Fish Collagen Peptide

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- Produced by enzymatic hydrolysis of fish skin or scale
- Fine Grain Form, suitable for beverage, tablet, sachet, jerry and etc
- Nearly free of typical collage smell & taste
- Low Molecular weight Collagen (Average Molecular Weight 1,000)

Cell Test
- Increases of Fibroblasts proliferation, Cell Maintenance
Animal Testing
- Absorption Test
Human Trial
- Wrinkle Improvement & Benefits on Beauty Skin

Human Clinical Test
State of wrinkles
State of horny cell layer

10 women in 20’s ~ 50’s have taken BHN Collagen Powder(5g/day) for 2 months.
All the subjects have improved the their wrinkle for 8 weeks. Particularly, maximum depth and average depth are significantly decreased.

Process for wound healing

The inserts create a wound field with a defined gap of 0.9 mm for measuring the migratory and proliferation rates of cells. ⇒It is wound model

Cell proliferation and migration rates by collagen peptide treatment are evaluated using microscopic imaging.

Wound model
Test samples
Control Collagen without additives
BHN fish collagen Ave M.W. 1,000(derived from fish scale)
Company A Tri-peptide(derived from fish)
Company B Ave M.W. 3,000(derived from fish skin and scale
Promoting effect on wound healing
BHN Collagen Powder-Scale

4.2 times faster migration speed than

Collagen Powder-Scale migration speed
is the fastest among the three peptides

Expect to
improvement of skin repair
(wounds, pressure sore, UV damage, etc.)